Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Interested in music, language and cognition?

Lake Como School of Advanced Study
In recent years, the relationships and interactions between language, music and the brain have stimulated substantial interest in the scientific community; the study of these relationships is emerging as a new interdisciplinary field, involving psychology, linguistics, music and neuroscience. An interesting aspect of these studies is how they focuses attention on an often neglected area of human behavior, namely its temporal dimension. Bio-musicological and neuro-linguistic studies have produced significant findings for our understanding of cognitive and social processes, of evolution, and for the role that music may have in education and in rehabilitation of language and, more generally, of cognitive disorders.

The Summer School “Music, Language and Cognition” offers an extended overview of complex behavioral events whose existence is time dependent, including language, music and body movement. We focus on how sounds, melodies, rhythm and syntactic information in music and language may afford the extraction of regularities, the generation of expectations, the coordination of perception and action, the directing of attention, and the priming of interactive social behavior. Lecturers will be integrated by brain storming and students presentations.

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