Friday, March 09, 2012

Working in the humanities, interested in cognition?

Tecumseh Fitch presenting at
SMART on April 20th, 2012
SMART Cognitive Science is an new initiative of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. It embodies lectures, meetings and discussions, offline and online, to highlight the important contributions to cognitive science from traditional humanities disciplines.

SMART is an acronym for Speech and language, Music, Art, Reasoning and Thought. These activities are organized in close collaboration with the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam, in which also the Faculties of Science, Medicine, Social Science and Economics & Econometrics participate.

Some interesting upcoming SMART Cognitive Science Lectures are:
  • Tuesday 20/3, 15h30 – 16h, P2.27, Anne Baker (Amsterdam), SMART Perspective on Language and Executive Function; followed from 16h-18h in the same room by a CSCA Lecture by Ianthi Tsimpli (Thessaloniki) on Signed and Spoken Language Asymmetries in a Polyglot-Savant 
  • Friday 20/4, 16h-18h, UT3.01, Tecumseh Fitch (Vienna), Cognitive Overlap between Language and Music (see abstract)
  • Friday 25/5, 16h-18h, UT3.01, Carel ten Cate (Leiden), On the linguistic abilities of songbirds 
  • Friday 22/6, 16h-18h, Doelenzaal, Ă–sten Dahl (Stockholm), How languages get complex 
For more information see here.

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