Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What makes us musical animals? [Part 2]

Group photo of all participants (except Peter Tyack and Constance Scharff, who had to leave early) contributing to a Lorentz Workshop on Musicality in April 2014.

For me personally, it was simply a pivotal workshop. With over twenty international scientists and scholars (i.e. Judith Becker, Simon E. Fisher, Tecumseh Fitch, Bruno Gingras, Jessica Grahn, Yuko Hattori, Marisa Hoeschele, David Huron, Yukiko Kikuchi, Hugo Merchant, Bjorn Merker, Iain Morley, Ani Patel, Isabelle Peretz, Martin Rohrmeier, Constance Scharff, Carel ten Cate, Laurel Trainor, Sandra Trehub, Peter Tyack, Geraint Wiggins and Jelle Zuidema) interested in musicality, we succeeded in agreeing on a research agenda to study what makes us musical animals. A publication is expected to be out in 2015. But for now, I can only be exhilarated that this group of fine researchers share a sincere fascination for this topic. A photo impression of the workshop can be found here.


  1. watching my grandson instinctively dance as soon as he could stand up has always fascinated me. We are musical animals. Love your research.

  2. Good morning, I have recently become interested in the musical blogg-osphere.. I stumbled across this blog and I am very fascinated by it. I really like how you provided many names and details about this event! The workshop photograph was nice because it gave faces to the names! I, as well, am a musical animal.

  3. Good morning, I am new to the blog-osphere and I just recently stumbled across your page. I really like how you brought up the musical workshop and provided many important names! Also, it was very nice to see all the faces to the names! Thank you so much for posting this and allowing me to be informed about it! I am a musical animal. Have a great rest of the day! -Ryan Schwary