Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Since when is music a topic for biologists?


Below the opening of a recent book review of The Evolving Animal Orchestra in Current Biology by Andrea Ravignani:
"Music is traditionally regarded as ‘intellectual property’ of the arts, humanities, and perhaps social sciences. Since when is music a topic for biologists? While Darwin and other naturalists had noticed crossspecies similarities to human musical behaviors, realizing the importance of musicality has contributed enormously to linking music and biology. In fact, while music is more of a cultural product, musicality denotes the neurobiological predispositions an organism uses to produce and process music. Henkjan Honing’s new book The Evolving Animal Orchestra: In Search of What Makes Us Musical is not about animals listening to human music or the like. It is a journey through cross-species musicality — that is, the neurobiology underlying musical behaviors in humans and other animals"
See the full review here.

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