Friday, November 15, 2019

What makes us musical animals? (ISMIR 2019 Keynote @TUDelft)

[N.B. Starts around 06:00]

What makes us musical animals, a one hour keynote at ISMIR 2019:
"We are all born with a predisposition for music, a predisposition that develops spontaneously and is refined by listening to music. Nearly everyone possesses the musical skills essential to experiencing and appreciating music. Think of “relative pitch,” recognizing a melody separately from the exact pitch or tempo at which it is sung, and “beat perception,” hearing regularity in a varying rhythm. Research shows that all humans possess the trait of musicality. We are a musical species — but are we the only musical species? Can there be musical machines? In his presentation, Henkjan Honing embarks upon the quest to discover the cognitive and biological mechanisms that underpin musicality."

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